Temporary Identification

Products for Organization Identification

of Workwear, Laundry and Textiles




Temporäre Kennzeichnung


MONOMARK printer

Table machine for temporary identification of laundry, (operation optionally with solvent or heat-sealing technology), by means of automatic marking and pasting of a clearly legible identification, which can be removed from the piece of laundry after the washing process without leaving any residue and without any auxiliary aids.

Performance features:

  • can be operated with cotton/acetate identification tape or cotton identification tape with heat-sealable coating

  • small footprint, compact design

  • wear-free microcontroller

  • high-precision electronic temperature control

  • activation by means of a light barrier

  • electronic motor control, automatic deactivation after 30 s

  • coding of the printing unit >AB123< optionallly other coding acc. to customer request

  • inking via ribbon cartridge with long service life

  • counter (5-digit incrementer with reset)

Fabric tapes

cotton/acetate fabric

25 mm wide, on rolls à 100 rm, 

available colours: white, yellow, pink, green


Cotton fabric with heat-sealable coating
25 mm wide, on rolls à 50 rm, , 
available colours: white, yellow, pink, light blue


Ribbon cartridges