Therm-O-Bond Press KHP/PDR1

Heat-sealing presses datasheet


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Therm-O-Bond Press

Automatic two-station press with pneumatic pressing force and food switch operation to carry out heat-sealing applications on textiles

Standard equipment:

  • Upper press platen heated and covered with teflon-coated glass-fiber fabric.
  • Bottom pressing table heated and covered with silicon foamed material.
  • Rotating press head to improve the productivity
  • ON/OFF switch with control lamp as well as emergency stop.
  • Foot switch with hand-protection facility.
  • Thermostate control with adjustable temperature setting including memory function and control lamp for operating temperature.
  • Timer with adjustable time setting including memory function and visible as well as acoustic signal after expiration of the set pressing time.
  • Digital display.
  • Adjustable pressure setting.
  • Swivelling pressing head.
  • Machine feet adjustable in height.

Technical data:

Pressing force : 1600 - 1800 g/cm²
Power supply : 220 V, single phase
Connected load : 2,0 kW
Power consumption : 1,0 kW/h
Temperture control : 60 – 305 °C
Time control : 0 – 999 sekonds
Weight : approx. 70 kg

KHP/PDR1 A platen size 15 x 15 cm articel No. 210204-1

Subject to changes within the scope of further developments which have been carried in the meantime.